Fully Customised Student And Teacher Planners


Fully Customised Planners for Schools

Engage students and parents with the most customised student and teacher planners available.

Customised Student Planners

Customised student planners can become a vital school resource and the perfect way to promote your school ethos. You determine the content of every page, to ensure the planner is completely relevant to your students.

Customised Teacher Planners

Our customised teacher planners can simplify the way your day is organised. In addition to streamlining tracking, planning and assessment, they can become vital organisational tools in staff meetings.

Customised Primary School Planners

Customised primary school planners can significantly improve your home-school communication. They allow you to combine reading records, spellings lists, and rewards and praise system into one resource.

The Honeycomb ePlanner

More than an online student planner, Honeycomb simplifies and improves homework setting and recording, and increases parental engagement with non-intrusive home-school communication. It works perfectly alongside printed planners or as a standalone product.

What is a Customised School Planner?

Clearing up the confusion of ‘customised’ student and teacher planners

At The School Planner Company we have noticed that there seems to be a lot of confusion around the definition of the word ‘customised’.

A lot of companies claim to offer customised student and teacher planners, but these school planners often include compulsory, generic sections as standard with no opportunity for editing. We do not believe that these are actually ‘customised’ planners.

No two schools are exactly the same, every school has its own unique mix of needs and preferences. A student or teacher planner should reflect a school’s personality and ethos, celebrating its uniqueness and offer best value for those using it.

The School Planner Company designs planners exactly how you want them, not how everyone else has them.

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